About Us

When we set up Only SEO, our intention was to do things differently. This meant not only providing customers with a high-quality service from time-served professionals but also operating in a new, better way. Committed to giving every client an unparalleled level of service and stunning results, we aim to offer integrated, seamless provision, delivered in a 21st-century manner.

You won’t find us in an office!

We don’t have an office for a reason. Striving to be a forward-thinking, caring company, we decided that it was important for our team to have the flexibility to work where they want when they want. We understand that family and other commitments matter. By enabling our team to work from home, we allow them the freedom to achieve a much better work-life balance. This approach not only enhances productivity, but it also ensures every member of the team is able to enjoy a higher quality of life. As we are all Gold Coast locals, a weekly meeting at someone’s house is all that’s necessary to keep us on track.

Saving our clients money

Offices aren’t just enormously restricting for workers, they’re also expensive to rent and maintain. Invariably, if a company has an office, it means the customers are paying for it through higher fees! We operate a low-cost working model, enabling us to deliver work that’s premium class, but without the overheads which an office generates. These savings are passed on to our customers, enabling them to access exceptional SEO services without any compromise on quality and value.

Treating our employees and our world with respect

The digital marketing experts in our team do not have set hours; they are required to work 37.5 hours a week, but when they put in those hours is largely up to them. This enables some workers to put in fewer, longer days, whilst others work fewer hours on more days. With many of our workers having children, our flexible working model enables them to combine family and work-life wonderfully well. Working like this isn’t just good for us, it’s also good for the planet: minimal commuting and resource conservation is an integral part of how we operate.

We let our work speak for itself

Our company doesn’t employ a sales team – our business is almost always obtained through word-of-mouth. We’re not about hustling for custom. Instead, we’re all about providing the very best digital marketing that we can to our valued clients, with the aim of helping them to thrive.

One point of contact for your project

We operate as a team, with a single point of contact for all your queries, requests for progress reports and related communication. Our MD is the forward face of the company, taking personal responsibility for ensuring that every client gets the exceptional service they deserve.

Get in touch to find out more about how we operate or to tell us what you need for success. We look forward to working with you.


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